Have Complete Confidence in your Remote Assessments

Whether you call it invigilation or proctoring Symbiotics’ Remote Solution allows you to have your invigilator present throughout your online ADAPT assessments.

By allowing an invigilator to be present in your remote assessment process, Symbiotics’ Remote Invigilation Solution reduces the risk of cheating and allows you to have a higher level of confidence in your candidates results.

Our remote invigilation solution is fully integrated into ADAPT, which means that it works seamlessly with existing ADAPT administration functionality, without the need to install any software. Your Invigilator will be able to view all the candidates undertaking an assessment side by side in a gallery view, with the candidates themselves unable to see or hear each other, allowing you to conduct your entire exam catalogue remotely including those that require the strictest of exam conditions.


Joined-up assessment in a disjointed world

Symbiotics will be running a free webinar on Joined-up assessment in a disjointed world - effective and robust remote selection and assessment, focussing on the issues surrounding remote assessments, considering the pros and cons of the approaches commonly being used, and discuss how integrated technologies can offer a solution. The webinar will feature a presentation from Richard Brecknell, Symbiotics’ Technical Director and Yael Oelbaum, from JetBlue’s People Data Insight Team.

To find out more about the webinar please click here.

How does the Remote Invigilation Solution work?

Remote invidulation banner message

The invigilator portal includes a banner message allowing remote invigilation to begin.

Watching candidates on the remote invidulation

The invigilator view allows you to watch the candidates as they are taking their assessments, allowing you to validate a person’s identity and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Close up of an individual candidate

Focus on an individual candidate to check things in closer detail, instantly save images to review later at the touch of a button.

Close up of a candidate's desktop

View a candidate’s desktop to check what they are doing, allowing you to check that no cheating software is being used.

Throughout the assessment your invigilator will be able to:

View the candidate themselves via their webcam, for identity checks and environment checks.

View the candidate’s desktop, for checking that no cheating software is being used.

Swap between a gallery view of candidates side-by-side, to a focussed view of one candidate with larger images.

Click a button to instantly save concerning images from either the webcam or desktop views, so that these can be reviewed later as part of a “integrity” section of the report.

Make announcements to the group.

Oversee all of your candidates, viewing up to 9 candidates at a time on screen.

View current status of each candidate to indicate what test they are undertaking or what they are doing.

Control the release of tests to candidates, so that the sequence / timing of candidate’s activity can be controlled.

Reset tests via the one interface.

Consent (e.g. as part of GDPR) is inbuilt.

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