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Logical Reasoning

This test is designed to assess an individual's capabilities in both inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

Symbiotics Ltd

Inductive reasoning involves making broad generalisations from specific observations, whereas deductive reasoning utilises two statements with a common subject to determine a conclusion.

Symbiotics' Logical Reasoning test consists of 45 multiple choice questions with 4 answer options.

There are three sections to the test:

  1. Using a grid to decipher a word from an initial code
  2. Determining which sentence is correct from facts provided
  3. Analytical Reasoning, where answering questions based on information provided.
Number of Questions:
Time Limit:
30 minutes
Invigilator Required:
Joystick Required:


A narrative report highlights the individual's score in each aspect of the test.

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Is an Invigilator Required?

Optional Invigilator Symbiotics offer a Remote Invigilation Solution which allows an invigilator to be present during the tests to increase the reliability of the results. Click here to find out more about our Remote Invigilation Solution.

Our Psychologists Comments

Logical reasoning is defined as the process of using a rational, systematic series of steps to arrive at a conclusion. Individuals who have high levels of logical reasoning will base their decision making on factual data rather than emotions or 'gut-feel'. This makes their decisions much less risky. They are also able to take their learning and apply it to other situations more effectively.

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