Knowledge Tests

Symbiotics have a range of tests designed to test the knowledge levels of a candidate over a range of academic and practical / industry-specific subjects.

How do they help?

Knowledge tests can help to identify required areas of learning within internal departments, as well as to check the skills of potential candidates in a recruitment process. Our knowledge tests can save a business time and wasted effort by identifying any candidates without the necessary level of knowledge in areas such as Maths or English.

Each set of questions is generated randomly from Symbiotics' question banks which means that all candidates will receive a unique test of equal difficulty, whilst maintaining security of the assessment process.

Example Questions

Knowledge tests usually cover areas such as Maths and English, whilst Symbiotics also offer Physics assessments and an aviation-specific knowledge test. Questions progress in difficulty and are selected from banks, following pre-defined rules to ensure each candidate gets an equivalent tests. Symbiotics provides different entry test levels in Maths, English and Physics.

Our Aviation Knowledge test works the same way, with questions around areas of knowledge within aviation.

Symbiotics' Tests Include