Leadership and Management tests

Our range of leadership and management tests are used to identify both the people and traits that will help make your leadership teams great. These can form part of your process from initial selection through to promotion or team / project leadership opportunities.

How do they help?

These tests help to identify different aspects of personality and how these are applied to leadership and the workplace. Using the guidance that this provides you can ensure that your team, especially in positions of seniority, embody the values of your company as well as possessing the right attributes and skills to succeed.

Symbiotics also offer a test which helps to identify potential career 'derailers' which businesses can use to identify training requirements and put together progression plans for individuals. Called 'Preferences under Pressure' it helps to predict the ways in which an individual will perform when stress impacts the ability to maintain behaviours.

Our aviation-specific Crew Resource Management assessment examines how someone interacts with colleagues in different situations, identifying people skills and allowing smarter promotion and training.

Example Questions

Questions are designed to identify different aspects of an individual's personality, people skills and working styles. Covered by a range of tests, there is a need for self-reflection as well as some scenario based questioning.

Symbiotics' Tests Include