Personality Tests

Symbiotics have a team of psychologists who write and support the implementation of their personality questionnaires. Offering both a general personality questionnaire and a leadership questionnaire, we are able to help identify candidates with the right fit for both teams and promotion. These tests are applicable across a variety of roles and industries and heave specialist sections that are appropriate to high risk environments where the ability to perform under pressure is vital.

How do they help?

Personality Questionnaires can help to identify the preferred working style of an individual, which can highlight the sort of role to which they are best suited as well as management styles and methods of working. This can help with the more efficient make-up of a team as well as providing personnel insight when it comes to promotion and team leadership decisions.

Example Questions

Questions are specially designed by our Psychologists to make sure that we explore all aspects of personality and identify specific traits which impact our working lives. These include questions requiring self-reflection and those around how others perceive you.

Symbiotics' Tests Include