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Organisational Cultural Profiling

Hire the right people not just for each role, but for your business.

Symbiotics Ltd

Symbiotics provide organisational cultural profiles for our clients who wish to ensure that the right people are identified who, will not only complete training, but will also be competent in role and more likely to be retained by the organisation as their culture is a good fit for them.

The profile is a process that looks at the Job Description, Organisational Culture, Skills and Attributes of the role, training syllabus and challenges against the backdrop of the national educational standards and culture of the organisation and its requirements. In order to ensure that the correct measures and weightings are applied to the test outputs, a profiling activity is conducted on the organisation to understand its culture and requirements for aircrew of the future.

To generate the profile, Symbiotics will issue an Organisational Questionnaire to individuals within your organisation, covering a range of experience, aircraft, and positions. Focus groups may also be used to gather inputs. In addition, senior representatives of the roles and other key stakeholders will be interviewed. Inputs from the questionnaire and interviews are then analysed and mapped against the 64 ADAPT behavioural profiles along with any key competencies, attributes, attitudes, and skills that will inform the selection process.

A profile report is produced for you and upon agreement the algorithms withing ADAPT are adjusted to map scores to your agreed organisational profile.

Profiling is focused on the following elements within ADAPT:

  • Hofstede culture scales
  • Safety culture scales
  • Abnormal Traits
  • Target Silhouette
  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Referencing
  • Locus of Control
  • Weightings for Radar Graphs

Organisational profiling usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete and ideally is conducted onsite with your teams, however, this can also be achieved through online meetings and interviews.

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